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Specialized Equipment for commercial moving and office moving in Las Vegas

Our Boxes

Our Boxes

Our boxes are manufactured specifically for Office Moving in Las Vegas. NO TAPE REQUIRED! Snap into place and you're ready to start packing. Our customers LOVE our boxes. We include free boxes for your move because you deserve to move with ease when you hire a commercial moving company in Las Vegas. Moving service is easy with us! 

Custom built PC carts

We built these custom carts to safely transport your Monitors and PC equipment. Your IT techs will love the fact your computer equipment will be safe every step of the way because you chose the the moving service in Las Vegas that cares about its customers when commercial moving in Las Vegas is needed. All Monitors are covered with a protective foam cover and placed on to our carpeted carts to ensure your computer equipment is moved safely to your new location.

File carts


Our file carts are built to make it easy to move your files safely and securely. Office Movers Las Vegas solves difficult solutions for all of your commercial moving needs. We understand Commercial office moving services in Las Vegas. We can pack your files, keep them in the order you require and safely transport them and unpack them into your new location.

Our stocked equipment


Office Movers Las Vegas stocks the BEST moving pads available in the industry to make sure your furniture is protected while being transported when commercial moving services are needed. We refuse to use nothing but the best protection available when moving your offices because Office Movers Las Vegas treats your furniture as if it were our own.



Need a secure simple solution to keep sensitive files safe? We have that solution by using totes that can be securely locked while moving to protect highly sensitive customer information for law offices, medical offices or any office requiring files to be locked while moving. Our moving service is easy when your hire the best commercial moving company in Las Vegas, Office Movers Las Vegas!