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Our EXPERIENCE in Las Vegas Office Moving shows in every commercial office move we do.

Complete office moving and set-up


We make sure your new office space is set up the way YOU, our customer wants it. When you hire Office Movers Las Vegas, you hire the Office Moving Specialists. We will completely disassemble and reassemble all of your desks or furnishings that require it for a safe, and efficient Office Move in Las Vegas. We take the stress out of your move and make moving easy.

Law offices & Medical offices require a more secure method to transport confidential files


Need a secure solution to transport important customer files? We have that solution covered. Your customers files can be locked and secured when relocating. We have an unlimited amount of totes available for even the largest medical & law firms in Las Vegas. Our totes make your Office Move in Las Vegas easy and stress free. 

We make sure your floors are protected.


Building protection done right! We strive to ensure your office floors and walls are protected every step of the way.  We refuse to use the common masonite that most movers use leaving chips and a mess when done along with the common masking tape that leaves residue on your floors. That's why we use a very high end Japanese floor protection product called Polynite along with their specialty tape that doesn't leave residue or marks on the floor. Polynite doesn't chip, leaving a dirty messy floor, it leaves it just the way we found it when we started.  Office Movers Las Vegas makes sure your floors stay damage free.

Hotel/Motel install


We not only specialize in commercial office moving in Las Vegas, we can install your hotel rooms. We can hang artwork, headboards and install all of the furnishings. We our one of the premier moving companies offering the best moving service for commercial moving in Las Vegas.

Your PC's are protected and transported with care


Office Movers Las Vegas has specialized equipment with over 600 four wheel dollies to make sure the your  commercial relocation in Las Vegas flows with ease. Notice our custom built cart specifically for PC's and related equipment. We know how to keep your technology safe. That's why we are the Office Moving Specialists of Las Vegas!

We know modular workstations


We can tear-down and reinstall your modular workstations. We offer Complete tear down, transportation and reassembly of your office cubicles. We understand the needs of Commercial office moving in Las Vegas.